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Feel like something is missing in motherhood? 

We help moms who want more find themselves again.


Do you...

  • Secretly ask yourself, "Why isn't motherhood enough for me?"

  • Love your kids, but you don't love your days with them?

  • Feel like there are 1,043 obstacles in the way of pursuing your own dreams?


Then you might be a Mother Plusser.


A mother plusser is a woman who knows she is more than a mother, but sometimes feels lost or empty. 

Don't worry. You're in there. We've got you. 

Start here to find her.


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Listen to other moms tell their gritty stories about how they found that special thing that sets them on fire--be it a passion, a business, or a can’t-live-without-it-hobby.


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The Mother Plus Playlist


Play this when you're driving your kids around. No matter how many times they tell you to switch it to Baby Shark.


Jam Out

Who are these women?


As much as they love their children, they both cringe at the thought of crouching on the floor to play doctor or dolls. They would much rather be writing or singing or creating something incredible. Stacey and Stephanie are the definition of mother plussers...


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"Sometimes, as mothers, we need to do something just because we want to. Period."


Stace & Steph