What is The Mother Plus Podcast?

This podcast was born out of a call for help from mothers all around the world. The call was simply this: 

I need more.

If you've ever felt like motherhood is not enough for you, or that something is missing in your motherhood, but been ashamed to say it--the Mother Plus Podcast was made for you.

Whether you're looking to pick up an old hobby or passion you used to have pre-kids, discover a new one, or finally follow through on that career dream or side hustle that's been gnawing at you for years, this is the show for you.

The Mother Plus Podcast is a passion and purpose collaborative filled with stories and inspiration from other mothers who have been through it—the sacrifice, the guilt, the self-doubt—and lived to tell their tales. You can learn from their mistakes, their successes, but most of all, their ability to persevere despite how messy and imperfect their journeys were.

What it is and what it isn't

  • We aren’t a “how-to” podcast.
  • But we do think you’ll learn something from the moms we interview, and we’re here to make you think about your own life as a mother-plusser.
  • We aren’t a podcast to teach you how to start a business, build your website, or give you tips for marketing.
  • But we are here to give you some inspiration and information from other moms who have been there.
  • We aren’t a podcast specifically for working moms or SAHMs
  • If you are comfortably settled into your career with a 9-5 office job, or are home with your kids and loving every moment, we may not be the show for you.
  • But if you’re struggling to fit in that special thing that sets you on fire--be it a passion, a business, or a can’t-live-without-it-hobby--we are your girls.

You may feel alone-- we are here to tell you that you aren’t. We’ll prove it by introducing you to other dynamic women struggling with the same things you are. You may feel like you’re in a rut-- we’re here to help you get unstuck. There is a path to find that badass woman who still lives inside you, and we’ll help you get there.

Who is Stacey?


Stacey is a mother to two could-not-be-more-different daughters, ages 2 and 4. Though they are adorable, hysterical, and quite possibly creative geniuses, she's not here to talk about them. Before-Children Stacey couldn’t stop talking about her future children. And by now, she thought she’d be totally immersed in motherhood, happily sitting on the floor, “doing voices,” tickling tummies, and trying desperately to hold on to every precious moment. But instead, she found herself on that same floor reminiscing about the days when she was a writer (published in Paleo Magazine, Hub Spot, New You Magazine, and TheList.com), an ad girl (working on brands like Revlon, Green Toys, Enjoy Life, and Eco Tools), and health nut badass (with a successful food blog, health coaching certification, and stint as a personal chef). Stacey finally got tired of daydreaming about the woman she wanted to be, and did something about it by creating the Mother Plus Podcast. Next on the list for her is to learn hip hop dancing, revisit one of her favorite places in the world - the Karaoke stage, and finally publish one of the three books safely saved in her Microsoft Word documents for nobody to see.

Who is Stephanie?


Stephanie is a mother of two feisty, sensitive, and hilarious daughters, ages 10 and 15. As a music therapist, freelance writer, editor, and producer of Listen To Your Mother Boulder, she wears way too many hats and it shows. Stephanie juggles her music classes, voice students, writing projects, and storytelling endeavors with flustered enthusiasm and a distinct lack of grace. Her writing has been published in O Magazine, The Washington Post, Cosmopolitan.com, Redbook.com, Brain, Child Magazine, Motherwell, The Chicken Soup for the Soul series, Huffington Post, Scary Mommy, and Mutha Magazine. When not writing, teaching, singing, or shuttling her kids around, Stephanie is an avid reader, dog snuggler, coffee lover, enthusiastic marching band mom, and Disney vacation daydreamer.

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