Using the Subconscious Mind to Change Your Life

Jan 17, 2022

Our latest episode of the Mother Plus podcast brings you something completely different--an actual mini hypnosis session! Stacey talks with Kalindi Conway, a certified Rapid Transformational Therapist Practitioner (RTTP) about using hypnosis to overcome trauma, the power of the subconscious mind, the cultural paradigm that keeps mothers stuck in guilt, and how important it is to keep your needs on the table. Kalindi is also trained in Neo-Ericksonian hypnosis, NLP, CBT, and inner child healing. She helps women (especially mother plus-ers) work directly with their subconscious mind, so that their actions and behavior fully align with creating their vision.

How Kalindi uses hypnosis to help women overcome trauma that is holding them back

Kalindi specializes in helping female entrepreneurs, which we personally think is pretty cool! She mentioned that many people have a pretty intense idea of what the word "trauma" means, but she clarified for us: "It could be the simplest things and subconscious beliefs that we form, especially when we're young children, that tend to run our behaviors into adulthood unless you get in there and essentially rewire them neurologically. And that's what I help women to do."

She uses a variety of tools (her skill set is so unique and really impressive!) to help women move forward at various stages of creating or running their business. 

 Understanding the power of our subconscious mind and how to tap into it

I think we are all fairly familiar with the meaning of "the subconscious mind" and why it's significant. But Kalindi offers a really vivid way to imagine it:

"The best metaphor is if you've ever gone to the top of like a really high building. All the way to the top. And you press your head on the glass and look down. Your conscious mind knows there's glass, that there's no way I'm going to fall into that. But you put your head there and you look down and you get that rush--that emotion, that's your subconscious mind. And your subconscious mind wins every time."

Kalindi says that "every habit of action is run by a habit of thought." Most are subsconscious, and most formed in childhood. Part of her work is helping women use their subconscious minds as their friends: "we can literally get in there and form." The mini-session you get to enjoy at the end of this week's episode is a great way to demonstrate how powerful and positive our subconscious minds can be!

Shifting the cultural paradigm of guilt and imbalance that negatively impacts mothers

In addition to being a fantastic hypnotherapist, Kalidi is a passionate advocate for mothers prioritizing their own needs. When we were talking about guilt and balance, she asked us this mic-drop question: "Why don’t dads face this?"

As we have done before on the Mother Plus podcast, we discussed the toxic effect our culture has had on mothers in our country. Kalindi brought up other countries, namely Sweden, that have a different approach and a completely different paradigm: 

 "Here's a culture that is setting up the mother to be fully supported by the father, fully supported financially. And the dads are being put in a position socially where it's very much encouraged and frowned upon if they're not raising their child alongside the mother."

Mothers unconsciously pick up on this messaging we are surrounded by in our culture-- that we should primarily give, and Kalindi contrasted that with the experience of fathers: 

"Men are able to conduct their lives, have children and not feel guilty about continuing to do the things that they love, while women have this immense guilt when they try to take a little something for themselves."

 But most importantly, she talked about how we have the power to change that with the choices we all make for ourselves in our daily lives. Which brings us to our most important message of the week. 

Make yourself a priority 

Kalindi says her most important advice for any mom, but especially those with young kids (when it's more difficult and flexibility is essential),  to make themselves a priority.

Kalindi's emphasis on the importance of this helped guide us to one of our favorite Mother Plus taglines: Because we want to. She assures moms,

"It's okay to have time for yourself. Period. You deserve to have time for yourself because you do."

 This applies to starting a business, pursuing a dream, or just hanging out on the couch watching Netflix. She reminds listeners that moms are entitled to do these things, whatever they may be, because we spend so much time serving others. 

We asked Kalindi about common roadblocks she encounters when helping moms start their businesses. She said the first one is time (sound familiar?), and the second one, not shockingly, is guilt. 

"It's that belief that mothers, as soon as they have kids, should put everyone first. If something is a priority to you, you will make time for it to happen. And make yourself a priority. You matter as a mother, you absolutely matter."

Stacey talked with Kalindi about another one of our favorite Mother Plusser subjects, the loss of identity, which Kalindi thinks occurs because of this trap of putting everyone else first. She talked about the resentment that can occur when we ignore this, as well as the fact that we deserve fulfillment, and our kids deserve to see what it looks like when their mothers are fulfilled. 

Mother Plusser Takeaways: 

  1. You matter! Make yourself a priority. 
  2. Whether you are creating a business, writing in your journal, lounging on the couch, or taking over the world, you deserve time to yourself BECAUSE YOU DO. 
  3. Tap into the power of your subconscious mind to dissolve roadblocks.
  4. Listen to the hypnosis mini-session in today's episode: trust us. 

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